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Quiet as a Mouse

1920 x 1080
4:00 Minutes

Directed, filmed, and edited by Virginia Walcott 
Written and performed by Kate Kelly


Press Release (Excerpt)

"Shooting hand-held and in natural light, I used Kate’s body and her home in Nashville to create different motions, textures, distortions, and patterns that symbolize how it might feel to construct a life with another, lose it, then build back again. Throughout the video, you also see Kate moving parts of her body in a ticking or back and forth motion. We created these ritualistic movements to embody the seemingly endless list of all you're faced with in the aftermath of lost love — the anxiety of waiting, the grief of reminiscing, the listlessness of hope, the hesitation to accept, the freedom of release. Our bodies build and break as living foundations marking the passage of time.

The pain of feeling detached or unwanted in the presence of someone who once felt like home can be paralyzing. For this reason, it seemed obvious to us that the video needed to first create feelings of discomfort, rawness, disillusionment, and fear. But the song doesn’t just address the difficulties of leaving and being left — it takes you on a journey through what it feels like to fall and then rise, embracing a new beginning. There is a turn at the end of the video that sheds light on the joy, freedom, and renewal that exists if you truly move through your pain. You can find that home is not just another person, place, or feeling - it’s also yourself."

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