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Please Hold

Two-Person Exhibition
with Eliza Wapner
Aquarium Gallery
New Orleans, LA

New Orleans-based artists Eliza Wapner and Virginia Walcott present Please Hold, an interdisciplinary exhibition on view at Aquarium Gallery from February 11, 2022 — March 6, 2022. Combining textiles, video, painting, sculpture, and text-based works, the show examines the dissonance between our unpredictable, mysterious bodies and the rote motions of the medical system. Looking beyond health care providers and their practices, Please Hold explores the anonymous and disquieting environments created by these systems and the deeply personal experience of navigating them.


Show Postcard (Front, Back)

Waiting Room 
60" wide x 13" tall

(6) 9" x 12" black clipboards, inkjet-printed 8.5" x 11" pastel blue copy paper, thumbtacks 


A series of four paintings using a shade of blue often associated with medical settings. As unsettling as it is soothing, the color paints a universal dullness over our individual experiences in these spaces. See Eliza's four paintings here. 

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Time Balm 

Series of (16) 9” x 12” fliers

Screen printed by the artist in New Orleans, LA 


Undulating Blue

Series of (8) 8.5" x 3.5" brochures 

Inkjet printed on medical examination paper